About us


Kruk-Technology was founded in March 2008. The company deals with the maintenance of trucks and coaches of Kruk-Transport. The workshop is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment that provides services of the highest quality.

Kruk-Technology is a group of 20 specialized technicians who take care of the technical side of the Kruk-Transportation fleet and provide services for external clients.

The company makes specialized repairs of construction equipment for the world’s major corporations, for example Volvo, Caterpillar. The company is also engaged in technical support and comprehensive repair of trucks, cars and buses.

Since 2006, the company is engaged in professional training of mechanics. The company employs practitioners who wish to become mechanics, and at the same time gives them the opportunity to acquire a driving license of category C + E, and the opportunity to work in the Kruk-Transport company in the profession of driver in international traffic.